Friday, May 23, 2008

Jumping into the breach

I’ve been searching all over the blogosphere for discussions of research-based special education interventions – to no avail! I’m sure there’s discussion going on all over the place – on closed discussion boards, group emails, or even in coffeehouses.

Still, it would be nice if there were something were we could all talk together, about what the research on special education says, and how it impacts children’s lives in our classrooms and homes.

There’s a broad discussion of special ed going on within the general education blogosphere. Some of the best I’ve come across include Bridging Differences (where Dianne Ravitch and Deborah Meier discuss all things educational) and Eduwonkette (who has a great blogroll).

There are also several blogs that cover special education law, such as The Wrightslaw Way.

But we need a place for conversation about what happens in the classroom, and how research can inform that practice. My hope is that this blog will draw together all the conversations that already exist and create new opportunities to learn from each other.

Wadda y’all think?


Special Ed Teacher said...

So true. You see NCLB calling for educators to use "scientific research" to guide practice. But so far I've not found any decent special-ed focused sites that tell me what interventions are actually supported by good research.

eduwonkette said...

Welcome aboard! We need more discussion about special education research, and I'm glad you're going to provide a space for just that.

Looking forward to your comments on testing kids with special needs under NCLB.

Julie said...

Looking forward to your postings. There is much to be learned by collaborating on the web.
BTW Have you read Ira Socol's blog:
He applies a disability studies lense to special education and I learn much from his postings as well.