Friday, June 13, 2008

Living With Autism

As someone without a diagnosed disability (though I'm sure I have quite a few undiagnosed ones!), it's hard for me to imagine what it's like to live with one. It's ironic, I suppose -- I spend alot of time and energy writing about "disability," -- digesting academic literature, writing grant applications, editing publications for teachers and public consumption, etc. -- but I have very little contact with people who live with the conditions I'm writing about.

So I've been looking around the blogosphere for those voices. Turns out, there's a vibrant community of bloggers, and some of them are truly extraordinary. There are quite a few bloggers with autism for instance, and many of them also post films to YouTube. My current favorite is Amanda Baggs, who blogs at Ballastexistenz and posts incredible videos to YouTube as silentmeaow.

Here's one of her creations:

It's also interesting to see the discussion and responses to her videos. Some people are totally moved. Others just don't get it.

I'll keep looking around for other voices like Amanda's. I'm interested to hear about anything else you all know about.

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